MDT Program Tuition




To earn the MDT certification, the tuition for the program is $8,000.

Video Lectures

In order to graduate with the MDT certification, you will need to complete all 19 classes in the program and pass a final exam administered by the ASMDT Board of Examiners

Instrumentation Kit

In addition to receiving access to the 19 video lectures, ASMDT will ship the Instrumentation Kit to you, which includes:

  1. Stratus Semi-adjustable Articulator with 5 mounting plates
  2. Six sets of working models
  3. Set of denture teeth
  4. Occlusal plane analyzer
  5. Stones for selective grinding
  6. Incisal pin with mechanical platform
  7. Home Study Manual, containing information from “Occlusal Correction” by Solnit and Curnutte”
  8. TMJ Occlusion & Function” by Neff
  9. “Introduction to Occlusion” by Huffman and Regenos