Now is the time to begin planning for 2024. If you have been putting off training for any reason at all, you should take advantage of this opportunity to reinforce your technical base. It is a common occurrence for lab owners to concentrate so much on keeping up with technology that they neglect the fundamentals that keep their current operation running smoothly. It appears that “all of a sudden”, quality drops off and production begins to suffer. There is only so much a mill or printer can accomplish without a knowledgeable person to operate it. Whether it is normal attrition, acquisition, retirement, or expansion, new people need to be trained.

Grounding new hires in the essential fundamentals that enable them to quickly learn the labs’ quality production processes is essential to your business, but too often it is skipped over or haphazardly done causing the persons learning process to be far too long, costing your lab untold amounts of lost revenue.

ASMDT gives you the choice of many learning options:

  • Consciously Competent Mouth Reconstruction
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Articulators and Articulation
  • Fixed and Variable Determinants – Part 1
  • Fixed and Variable Determinants – Part 2
  • TMJ, TMD, and Occlusion
  • Functional Waxing Techniques
  • Mouth Rehabilitation – Part 1
  • Mouth Rehabilitation – Part 2
  • Removable Partial Denture Designs – Part 1
  • Removable Partial Denture Designs – Part 2
  • Denture Program

At home or in the lab, get trained with ASMDT Video Courses. Experience the power of online training with ASMDT’s online e-Learning courses. ASMDT training, online, anywhere, anytime.


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