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Learn about the Master Dental Technologist Home Study Program

This is a comprehensive video lecture course with 19 lectures, which include anatomy, physiology, and hands-on practical maxillary-mandibular reconstruction cases. 

Upon completing this Program, you will be re-motivated, gain a greater level of confidence, communicate more effectively, and become an integral part of the dental team.

MDT Graduates

Here’s what our alumni have to say about the MDT Program:

Dr. Theodore Chen, DDS, MDT

Class of 2005

Dr. Monica Reinoso, DDS, MDT

Class of 2002

Albert Yudkovich, MDT

Class of 2004

Dr. Richard Sousa, DDS, MDT
Dr. Joseph Massad, DDS, MDT
Earl V. Jadlow, III, MDT

Class of 2005

Dr. Bernard Kruger, DDS, MDT
Dr. Stephen Silberg, DDS, MDT
Dr. Chang Kim, MDT

Class of 1998

Dr. Gary Turnier, DDS, MDT

Founder of ASMDT

Vincent V. Alleluia, MDT, CDT, TF

(1928 – 2020)

Our Team

Meet our Directors and the ASMDT Board of Examiners

Rose Alleluia-Feinberg

Chief Executive Officer, Managing Member

B.A. and M.Prof. graduate from Manhattanville College. Rose started this new iteration of ASMDT to continue the legacy of her grandfather, Vincent Alleluia.

Mitchell Alleluia-Feinberg

Chief Operating Officer

B.S., Columbia University and J.D., Harvard Law School. Mitchell is Rose’s husband and is dedicated to expanding the success of ASMDT worldwide.

Paul Federico

Board of Examiners

Paul owns Federico Dental Lab in Staten Island, NY and is a former President of ASMDT.

Angelo Calcagno

Board of Examiners

Angelo is an adjunct instructor at NYU College of Dentistry and owner of Calcagno Dental Studio, Inc.

Vincent Verderosa

Board of Examiners

Vincent owned Greenrose Dental Lab on Long Island for 16 years, and is the University Laboratory Technician at Stony Brook University.

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